Helping Employees Get What They Need in Healthcare Benefits

Employee Benefits Wants and Needs

Today’s benefits environment is a constant challenge for employers and employees looking to understand and adapt to new changes. In this environment in which consumers are increasingly responsible for their own benefits decisions, few are up to speed when it comes to the how, what, where, why, and when. With this lack of understanding comes frustration, disappointment, and most dangerously, disengagement.

What Employees Want You to Know about Healthcare Benefits

To address this, the Healthcare Trends Institute recently completed a survey into the wants, needs, preferences, and understanding of the average healthcare benefits consumer, hoping to gauge where employees stand in happiness, engagement, and preparedness of the year ahead.

Research was conducted among employed adults, both male and female, ages 18+ across all regions of the United States, and we hope that the results of this survey will help employers to improve engagement strategies, encouraging new and innovative ways to give your employees what they want. The following report provides insights that can guide best approaches in delivering healthcare benefits.

The guide, titled What Employees Want You to Know About Healthcare Benefits, takes a deeper look into its recent survey and shares a plethora of information, including:

  • Understanding of Healthcare Benefits Options
  • Employee Grade of Employer Education and Communication
  • Percentage of Employees Frustrated with Current Benefits Offerings
  • Familiarity and Engagement Gap in HSA/FSA/HRA
  • Happiness (or Disdain) Regarding Price Transparency
  • What Communication Methods Do Employees Want?
  • Preparation for Unexpected Healthcare Expenses and Retirement
  • Most Desired Insurance Products
  • Top Open Enrollment Needs

Preview: What Employees Want You to Know about Healthcare Benefits


Download the Entire eBook

For full insights, including statistics, methodology, and more, please download the entire eBook, What Employees Want You to Know About Healthcare Benefits.

For even more, watch our latest webcast discussing the topic, 10 Tips to Help Employees Understand Their Healthcare Benefits, and the ALEX by Jellyfish eBook, 4 Tips for Supporting HDHP Newbies.

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