Top Resources to Make the Most of Open Enrollment 2017

Open Enrollment Resources

It’s Open Enrollment planning season, do you know what to expect? As your go to source for tips, tactics, and strategies regarding all of your healthcare benefits needs, the Healthcare Trends Institute is happy to share with you a litany of resources regarding open enrollment season, including one new resource that can help you ease the planning, enrollment, and ongoing benefits management throughout the year.

HTI Sponsor WEX Health Announces Everything Open Enrollment™

The Healthcare Trends Institute hopes to be one of the first places you look when seeking advice on Open Enrollment 2017. Knowing this, we would also like to share a new initiative from our sponsors at WEX Health: Everything Open Enrollment.

Available only to WEX Health Partners, Everything Open Enrollment (EOE) is an extension of WEX Health’s Partner Central portal that simplifies access to extensive and innovative resources that aid partners in a more successful open enrollment season.

Learning opportunities in Everything Open Enrollment include Weekly E-lerts designed to help partners and employers keep up with enrollment deadlines, the EOE Lunchbox Lesson™ series, and additional resources including but not limited to:

  • Communication Templates
  • Ten Tips for Easy Open Enrollment
  • Hosting a Benefits Fair [Checklist]
  • HSA Goal Calculator
  • FSA Calculator
  • Is a CDHP Right for Me [Video]
  • Using an FSA Card to Pay for Braces [Video]

Confirmed speakers include leaders from, LearnYourWorklife, and ALEX by Jellyvision, as well as many experts from WEX Health who will work to ensure that EOE can become a Partner’s go-to resource for all things Open Enrollment.

Learn more about Everything Open Enrollment at a brief overview webinar on September 14, and if you have questions or need help with any open enrollment marketing needs, simply send an email to Already a WEX Health Partner? Sign in to Everything Open Enrollment here.

Healthcare Trends Institute Open Enrollment Resources

Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of free resources from the Healthcare Trends Institute blog,

  • Three Essential Open Enrolment Strategies: What are some of the top considerations for employers, benefits advisers, and other partners looking to help employees? See how in Three Essential Employer Open Enrollment Strategies.
  • The Impact of Decision Support Tools on Employee Benefits: There are more benefits options than ever, and decision support tools can help employees to tailor their plans to their own specific needs. See how in Decision Support Tools Add a Personal Touch to Open Enrollment.
  • Health Coverage Strategies to Know Heading into 2017: Costs continue to rise for both employee and employer, but there are ways to control cost while offering robust options for employees. See statistics and tips in Health Coverage Strategies to Consider for Open Enrollment
  • Five Ways to Shake Up Open Enrollment: What are you doing to make open enrollment great for employees? WEX Health’s very own Lindsay Jacobs shared her experiences on open enrollment, including five ways to improve for open enrollment 2017.
  • Open Enrollment Tips for TPAs: What can Third-Party Administrators do to go the extra mile heading into open enrollment? From communication to analytics to post enrollment support, we offer advice in Tips to Stay Ahead During Open Enrollment.
  • Broker Open Enrollment Checklist: What three questions should brokers be asking their employer clients? A 2015 article shared these questions, as well as tips for success that can still be used today. See more in Broker Checklist for Benefits Planning.

Want to Learn More? Join Us on 9/27 for Open Enrollment and the Importance of HSAs

Join the Healthcare Trends Institute, WEX Health, and Benefit Strategies LLC on September 27 for Open Enrollment Planning and the Power of HSAs.

This important and complimentary webcast will feature William Stuart, Director of Strategy and Compliance at Benefit Strategies LLC, and Jason Cook, VP of Healthcare Emerging Market Sales at WEX Health.

Free to both members and nonmembers of Healthcare Trends Institute, the webcast’s expert panelists will share the importance and benefits of incorporating an HSA into your long-term savings plan, along with insights and outlook on the continuing growth of HSAs.

Register for Open Enrollment Planning and the Importance of HSAs Here

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