Private Exchange Trends Whitepaper Now Available


The Healthcare Trends Institute has released a new whitepaper to provide insights into the latest trends among employers regarding private health exchange adoption.

The whitepaper, titled Private Exchanges: Benefits, Barriers, and Opportunities, provides an overview of what private exchanges are and how they work as well as key exchange trends among employers from the 2013 Healthcare Benefits Trends Benchmark Study. Including an Infographic and employer exchange checklist, it will help businesses of all sizes better understand how private exchanges, also known as “marketplaces,” can be implemented to help maximize benefits offerings while also controlling rising healthcare costs. Download the free Private Exchanges: Benefits, Barriers, and Opportunities at 

As healthcare reform legislation continues to take effect, more employers are looking to private exchanges to help control unpredictable healthcare costs without reducing their benefits offerings,” said Tiffany Wirth, Executive Director, Healthcare Trends Institute. “However, there are still lots of questions and concerns, so our hope is that this whitepaper can help shed some light on the many benefits offered by private exchanges.”

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