Reach Millennials about Benefit Information through Digital Channels

Millennial Benefits Communication

Companies looking to stay fresh have an opportunity to reach Millennials in many new ways throughout the workplace. An employer willing to stay current can engage this generation of worker by creating a work environment that fosters communication, collaboration and challenges.

This is Part 2 of our discussion on communicating with Millennials. See part 1 here.

Experts agree that maintaining up-to-date benefits that help Millennials achieve professional and personal goals is very valued, and equally important is the way they are presented and communicated to the group.

Millennials like an environment that includes immediate feedback. They appreciate a workplace where information can be gained through work coaching. Providing mentors or work/life coaches as part of a benefits package helps employees with career development and as a way to gain knowledge and understanding about company benefits as well.

Because Millennials grew up with laptops and cell phones, they are looking for their organization to deliver information in a simple manner at a time that’s convenient for them. That means employers need to invest in creating digital communications that can be accessed 24/7. Delivering the right message, using the right channel at the right time is key for companies to reach Millennials.

For example, this generation is very accustomed to getting text reminders about everything from upcoming doctor visits to the delivery of packages. Employers need to send similar benefit alerts and messages to employees using a text-messaging platform. This also requires simplifying the communication, providing only relevant information in quick, easy-to-understand snippets.

Mobile communication is great and if there is an app for it that’s even better. This generation uses all kinds of social media and can be reached through these channels too. The International Foundation of Employee Benefits notes that Millennials are a self-serve, on-demand group and offering them benefit access anytime, anywhere on a smartphone is key to them appreciating their benefit experience.

Organizations will benefit from a review of their offerings and developing a strategy that delivers benefit information through digital communications. Understanding what motivates Millennials in the workplace and reaching them through their preferred means of communications sends a message to current and prospective employees that the organization cares about its workers.

Source:  Benefits Magazine. The Millennials: Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks. December 2016. PP 34-38.

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