Ten Ways to Enhance Employee Health Benefit Understanding [Webcast]

Enhancing Employee Benefits Engagement

Tis the season—of open enrollment. With this comes a notice of changes, an uptick in paperwork, and a plethora of questions from employees. As the year closes out and a new one is set to begin, it’s important to see how your efforts as a leader in benefits management, human capital, or the like have impacted your employees over the years.

Changes, Concerns and How to Keep Up

Since the passing of the Affordable Care Act in 2010 and the pursuant regulations that have taken place since then, it’s likely you’ve made changes to your benefits strategy and offering, focusing more on offering consumer-oriented plans and putting more decision-making power into your employees’ hands.

With your employees now taking on more financial responsibility when it comes to benefits, it’s important to see if and how your benefits communication and education initiatives have worked.

The Healthcare Trends Institute recently conducted an employee-focused survey to gauge employee understanding of the benefits they receive and how a benefits offering can impact recruitment, retention, engagement, and more. Additionally, the survey hoped to discover what employees really think about their healthcare benefits and what communication strategies are most effective in helping consumers make educated decisions about their healthcare.

Webcast: 10 Tips to Help Employees Understand Their Health Benefits: Survey Results, Communication Tips and More

The webcast featured Joe Levon, a benefits communication expert for ALEX® by Jellyvision, and Jeff Bakke, Advisory Board Member of the Healthcare Trends Institute and Healthcare Strategy Officer at WEX Health, who will share the top takeaways from the survey and how to turn the fruits of our labor into improvements to your health benefits offering.

Jeff shared the results of a recent survey on consumer attitudes toward health care, and Joe will shared 10 actionable communication tips you can use today to help employees better understand – and use – their benefits.

Watch the Webcast Replay

The webcast featured immense amounts of information into the preferences and needs of employees, and shared important ways for employers and benefits managers to ease any concerns employees have about employee benefits. Watch 10 Tips to Help Employees Understand Their Health Benefits here.

Learn even more by reading the ALEX by Jellyvision eBook, 4 Tips for Supporting HDHP Newbies.

Bonus: Free Resources for Attendees

Attendees of this free webcast will also receive two highly valuable documents:

  • What Healthcare Consumers Want You to Know [eBook]: Provides a deeper look into the results of the survey and insights on employee frustrations and communication preferences.
  • Open Enrollment Aftercare [Jellyvision eBook]: Shares key communication tactics to turn confusion and resentment into understanding and satisfaction, explanations of the four main challenges your employees will be facing as they start to use their plans—Point of Service Perplexity, HSA Funds Befuddlement, Preventive Care Coverage Confusion, and EOB Exhaustion, and insight into how to make your education ‘stick’ with employees.

Again, please register for 10 Tips to Help Employees Understand Their Health Benefits: Survey Results, Communication Tips and More here.

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