Webcast – The Rise of HSAs: Past, Present, and Future Trends


 A June 25th webcast and panel discussion will provide insights into the growing popularity of health savings accounts (HSAs) since their establishment just over a decade ago. During the HealthChange™ Web Series “The Rise of HSAs: Past, Present, and Future Trends,” webcast panelists will discuss the evolution of HSAs, opportunities for companies to maximize their benefits programs, and future benefit trends in the age of private exchanges and consumer-driven healthcare. The webcast is scheduled for Wed., June 25, 2014, at 2:00 p.m. EDT. Don’t miss out by registering now!

Evolution of HSAs

Sponsored by the Healthcare Trends Institute, the webcast is free for both Institute members and non-members. The panel discussion includes HSA Consulting Services Founder “Mr. HSA” Roy Ramthun, and Evolution1 President and COO Chris Byrd. Both Ramthun and Byrd also serve on the Institute’s Editorial Advisory Board. Healthcare Trends Institute Executive Director Tiffany Wirth will moderate the panel. A Q&A will follow the panel discussion.

Health savings accounts have been rejuvenated in part due to healthcare reform legislation encouraging consumer-driven healthcare. Over 15.5 million Americans are now covered by HSA high-deductible plans, which is a 50 percent increase since 2009,” said Wirth. “It’s important for both employers and employees to understand how to unlock the potential of HSAs.”  

Free to Register

Register for the free HealthChange™ Web Series “The Rise of HSAs: Past Present, and Future Trends” here: https://evolution1.webex.com/evolution1/onstage/g.php?t=a&d=926632574.

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