Infographic: What’s on the Wellness Program Horizon in 2017?

Workplace Wellness in 2017

Wellness. It’s been a priority for employers, and a resolution for employees. With the costs stemming from chronic disease, work related injuries, stress, and worker disengagement topping $2.2 trillion each year, and lost time from chronic disease reaching $153 billion per year, employers are finding that wellness is becoming an even larger part of their playbook to decrease employee healthcare costs while promoting engagement and good health in the workplace.

Knowing this, investment in wellness is growing. Among employers offering wellness plans, 84 percent of them are looking to expand upon them in coming years.

As employers seek more engagement, attempting to bridge the wellness gap between education and effectiveness, they are turning toward smarter wellness programs that hope to bring higher return and value on investment—investing heavily in incentives and focusing most energy on five initiatives: EAP, Health Risk Questionnaires, Biometric Screenings, Physical Activity Programs, and Tobacco Cessation Programs.

As we move forward toward 2017, what can employees and employers expect in the wellness arena? Our new infographic looks to answer these questions.

Infographic: Wellness Programs Matter—Workplace Wellness in 2017

Following our well-loved Health and Wellness in 2014 Infographic and our 2015 Wellness Programs Infographic, we would like to share with you our newest infographic on the importance and impact of wellness programs as employees and employers head into 2017.

How Well Do You Understand Health Benefits?

We’re looking for employee opinions and possible frustrations with healthcare benefits. This is why we have announced the healthcare benefits consumer survey, which hopes to answer the following questions and more:

  • How Important Are Benefits to Recruitment and Retention?
  • How Well Do Employees Understand Benefits Options?
  • What Can Employers Do to Better Communicate These Healthcare Benefits Options?
  • What is an Employee’s Preferred Method of Communication?
  • What Financial Stresses Do Employees Face, and What Can Be Done to Alleviate These Stresses?

If you are an employee, please take the survey at the following link, and if you are an employer, please share with your employees: HTI Consumer Healthcare Benefits Survey.

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