Wellness Programs in 2015: Trends, Tactics, and Insights [Infographic]


Workplace wellness programs have long been a piece of the puzzle for employers looking to reduce healthcare costs, but have recently gained popularity with the rise of high deductible health plans.

Yet the cost savings for employers are only one benefit. Recent studies, summed up in our recent article “Exploring New Ways to Measure the Performance of Health and Wellness Programs,” have found that implementation of a wellness program can bring employers the following four benefits as well:

  • Talent Attraction/Retention
  • Improved Job Satisfaction
  • Reduced Absenteeism
  • Improved Engagement

Noting this, value and ROI still hold value. For instance, every dollar invested into creation and proper implementation of a wellness program results in a $3.27 yield in healthcare cost reductions.

To sum up the importance and impact of wellness programs, we recently created an infographic on the rise and future of wellness programs.

The Healthcare Trends Institute 2015 Wellness Infographic (shown below) covers the following topics:

  • Amount of employers implementing wellness programs
  • Types of incentive-based health improvement programs and adoption of said plans
  • Value of wellness to employers
  • Changes in investment to wellness programs
  • Improvements coming in wellness

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